• Lessons from the Lions

    Jun 2017 | Ben Bolt

    So as the Lions head to the land of the long white cloud to face the mighty All Blacks the biggest challenge facing any Lions coach is how to (quickly) generate team spirit and unity in a bunch of athletes

  • Still a Special Relationship

    Mar 2017 | Simon Ward

    Having spent last week in the USA with our partner firm Stout, I thought this might be an appropriate time to reflect on US/UK corporate finance relations.  Whilst not mentioning the great dealmaker in the White House will be a

  • Controlling the Controllable

    Nov 2016 | Simon Ward

    It is now more than four months since the seismic shock of the Brexit vote.  The honeymoon period of the summer months has passed.  The debate has turned to what flavour of Brexit we might be left with and the

  • The Ultimate In Recruitment…

    Jun 2016 | Simon Ward

    The $26bn acquisition of LinkedIn by Microsoft certainly caught the eye this week.  A business that is little more than 14 years old and wasn’t generating operating profits (under GAAP) selling for almost ten times revenue – that’s some deal.

  • ‘Do You Yahoo!’?

    Apr 2016 | Ben Bolt

    So, I confess to being old enough to remember the ‘Do You Yahoo!’ television adverts of the 1990s… A certain comb over look that was replaced by a not insubstantial afro wig, a talking dolphin – ring any bells?  Regardless,

  • How times have changed

    Mar 2016 | Justin Sparks

    In the past, if you wanted to borrow money you would go to your bank manager, or if your bank couldn’t help you, you approached business angels or institutional investors. Business owners now face a confusing and daunting range of

  • UK Entrepreneurs under government attack

    Feb 2016 | David Neate

    If you look at the recent changes to income tax, in particular the introduction of a 7.5% rise in the taxation of dividends (announced by George Osborne in the last budget), it is hard not to conclude that entrepreneurs are

  • 2016 – The time to realise maximum value?

    Dec 2015 | Simon Ward

    The turn of the year is often a time for reflection and review.  For business founders and owners this might be the one time of the year when the phone rings (less) and the inbox is more sparse.  As we

  • New York – Time for Reflection

    Oct 2015 | Ben Bolt

    So, Paris in Spring was followed by New York in Fall (well, the back end of summer!) as our international network, World Services Group, gathered for its annual global conference attended by over 150 delegates from 72 countries.  It would

  • Where is the ‘I’ in team?

    Jun 2015 | Ben Bolt

    The recent soap opera surrounding Kevin Pietersen and his off-on-off relationship with the England cricket team has dominated the sports media for the past few weeks.

  • A growing global confidence

    Apr 2015 | Justin Sparks

    I have spent the last few days in Paris with our colleagues from our international network – WSG.

  • Whatever happened to the detail in retail?

    Feb 2015 | Simon Ward

    As January closes, it is worth reflecting on what has been a turbulent few months for UK retailers.

  • The Business of Reality

    Dec 2014 | David Neate

    As the current series of The Apprentice sparks debate across the nation its worth asking how much business reality is there in this ‘reality’ show?

  • So why do I need a Finance Director?

    Oct 2014 | Justin Sparks

    This is a question we often find clients asking. For many business founders and entrepreneurs the step of recruiting a senior non customer facing individual represents a huge move.

  • Appletastic

    Oct 2014 | Simon Ward

    Watching the recent launch of Apple’s new iPhone and Apple Watch, I was left reflecting on the global phenomenon that is Apple.

  • Back to School Britain – A lesson in deal timing?

    Sep 2014 | David Neate

    As we return to our desks after what seems like an ever extending summer break it is worth reflecting on how the calendar has come to dominate the deal-making market.

  • Funding for Growth

    Jul 2014 | Simon Ward

    It is a long held truth that businesses require more growth finance in times of economic recovery.

  • Destination Britain as the stars align

    Jun 2014 | Justin Sparks

    Speaking to our international colleagues at our World Services Group European conference in Berlin, it appears that most international markets are experiencing a strengthening recovery with improved confidence and a more positive outlook. There may be specific challenges, such as

  • A lesson in succession

    May 2014 | Simon Ward

    Recent events at Manchester United have seen a succession soap opera played out in the most public way possible.

  • The Return of The Troubleshooter

    Apr 2014 | David Neate

    The return of The Troubleshooter to our screens this week brings with it some great memories of Sir John Harvey-Jones.  Those pointed conversations with business owners and entrepreneurs made for some enthralling TV.  One can’t help but think that The

  • It’s not just about the nuts and bolts

    Mar 2014 | Justin Sparks

    Rarely a week goes by without a politician donning a hard hat or high-visibility jacket to announce another initiative.  Our leaders are quick to laud the UK’s manufacturing or construction industries at every opportunity.  Whilst this is to be applauded

  • An Olympian approach to doing business….

    Mar 2014 | Simon Ward

    The recent winter Olympics in Sochi have been heralded as “the best ever” and certainly for Great Britain the medal table didn’t lie.  A country more suited by climate to sports on water than snow emerged with real credit.  For

  • International M&A – Buyer be VERY aware

    Feb 2014 | David Neate

    The lengthy war of words between buyer and seller that has followed Hewlett-Packard’s acquisition of Autonomy gives an interesting insight into the world of international M&A.  The allegations made by HP of “accounting improprieties” against the senior management team of

  • Corporates to the rescue?

    Jan 2014 | Simon Ward

    Much has been made of the level of undrawn private equity commitments worldwide (more than $790 billion at the last count).  What has received less publicity is the gradual renaissance of the corporate investor as a real alternative to private

  • More banks = More lending?

    Jan 2014 | David Neate

    The proposal from the Labour Party to force banks to sell branches when they reach a certain size smacks of political opportunism as opposed to commercial and economic good sense.  Whilst any meaningful and effective initiative to increase competition and

  • Keeping it in the family – The future of the family firm

    Jan 2014 | Justin Sparks

    With over 3 million family businesses across the UK employing approximately 9.2 million people, their importance to the continued economic recovery and the UK’s long term growth prospects should not be underestimated. With this in mind it’s concerning that over

  • Trading Places – The reality of international business

    Dec 2013 | Simon Ward

    I attended a CBI event last week focussed on growing International Trade in Midlands businesses. I was struck both by the ambition in the room and by the quality of UK plc. Perhaps as significant was the number of challenges

  • A recovery that’s ‘made in Britain’

    Dec 2013 | David Neate

    The boom days of the 1990s were driven by the relentless rise of our burgeoning services sector. The conspicuous consumption of the day was fuelled by a belief that Britain was at the forefront of the post industrial revolution. The

  • Mind The Equity Gap

    Nov 2013 | Simon Ward

    The much discussed equity gap in UK SME financing seems to show no sign of narrowing. The recent launch of a £40m fund managed by Foresight focussed on investing in SMEs in Nottinghamshire highlights the ongoing conundrum in the financing

  • Private Equity – Where Next

    Nov 2013 | Simon Ward

    As a worldwide asset class private equity has seen more uncertainty than most over recent years.  It is now more than four years since the calamitous collapse of the global economy and over that period private equity has continued to

  • A time to sell?

    Nov 2013 | Justin Sparks

    A major rebound in confidence among UK corporates, fuelled by positive expectations for global economic growth suggests a positive M&A market in 2014.  Latest figures from the OECD forecast the UK economy to grow by 2.4% next year, up from

  • International M&A – It can’t be Little Britain

    Oct 2013 | David Neate

    I have recently returned from the global conference of our international network WSG in Rio de Janeiro. Having talked to members from all corners of the globe, there is a clear trend that companies are reawakening to the importance of

  • Entrepreneurs Relief – The tax that rewards success

    Oct 2013 | Justin Sparks

    Recent press speculation suggests that Entrepreneurs Relief may be a victim of its own success and could be restricted or even removed. For the individual entrepreneur and for SME Britain more generally such a change would be little short of

  • Secondary buy-outs – The wheel keeps turning

    Oct 2013 | Simon Ward

    Secondary management buy-outs continue to form the largest element of MBO activity in the UK according to the Centre for Management Buy-Out Research. Indeed many successful management teams are now moving on to their third private equity partner with the

  • UK manufacturing revival to continue

    Sep 2013 | David Neate

    Every part of the UK manufacturing sector grew in June 2013 according to the manufacturing Purchasing Managers’ Index (“PMI”), which represented a third consecutive month of growth for some manufacturing sub-sectors. Where is this growth coming from? The growth can

  • Made in Britain

    Aug 2013 | Justin Sparks

    Many retailers are putting their weight behind UK manufacturing to increase their British made products at they seek to “repatriate” manufacturing back to the UK. Why are they doing this in an increasingly global economy? These public relations statements are

  • Reasons to be cheerful?

    Aug 2013 | Simon Ward

    Todays GDP figures would suggest that perhaps the uk economy is on the mend – offering some long awaited comfort for SMEs. Whilst we must at some stage wean our economy away from the drug of quantitative easing the new

  • Is the regulator’s stance a contradiction to increased SME lending?

    Aug 2013 | David Neate

    We have all heard members of parliament from both political persuasions bemoan the lack of bank funding for SME businesses. But why are banks not lending? There is no doubt that banks credit requirements have risen markedly since the October

  • “Consolidate or Sell”

    Jul 2013 | Justin Sparks

    If you operate in a fragmented marketplace and you have a successful business you will undoubtedly be on the radar of large acquisitive companies that are looking to consolidate your market. Sectors continue to consolidate around geographies, products or services

  • So what does a Non-Exec Director actually bring

    Jul 2013 | Simon Ward

    There are many definitions of a non-executive director plenty of which are less than flattering…Having worked as a non-exec myself and sat alongside many serial non-exec chairmen and directors I struggle to see why any of these descriptions are anything

  • Exporting our way to growth

    Jul 2013 | Justin Sparks

    The latest quarter 2 2013 DHL/British Chamber of Commerce (“BCC”) Trade Confidence Index (“TCI”) results are positive across the board for the first time on record. The BCC survey represents a real view from UK SMEs on how they are

  • RIP Senior Debt

    Jul 2013 | Simon Ward

    The structural changes seen in the debt market over the last few years, culminating in the recent the departure of the Co-op Bank from the scene, have changed the MBO and growth capital landscape dramatically in the lower mid market.

  • Public/Private “Partners”

    Jun 2013 | David Neate

    Security firm G4S has confirmed it ran a call centre at HMP Oakwood prison and HMP Drake Hall prison in partnership with businesses – whose company names have yet to be disclosed. The scheme under which prisoners are being paid


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